Flower essences are a natural healing system designed to bring the body and mind into balance, so that it can heal itself, bringing resolution to difficult emotional states and facilitating physical healing.  The flower essences were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s, a medical doctor who observed that certain physical illnesses had an emotional component.  He created the system of 38 flower essences to bring out the positive potential in emotional states and personalities.  The remedies are similar to homeopathy, and work like a key in a lock to address the underlying state.

The flower remedies are a gentle but powerful tool to explore the emotional states underlying the messages of our body and mind.  By listening to our patterns of stress and negative emotions, we can identify places where the remedies can help us find  alignment and ease.



Exploring the Emotional Side of the Physical with Flower Essences


How we feel about our bodies, and how we feel in our bodies has a great impact on our lives.  Often our bodies give us the first sign that something is out of balance.  But when we step it back, there can be subtle roots deeper in our consciousness. Exploring these roots leads us to insights that allow us to be freer in our lives as well as able to move through discomfort and facilitate healing.  Our overall goal is to free up energy for healing.  Once this energy is freed, it is up to us what to do with it!