Happiness in Recovery - Connect to Serenity

12 Step Programs are the foundation of recovery and the beginning of the journey to wholeness and serenity.  Putting down active addiction to a substance, process, or behavior can leave anxiety, sleep disturbance, emotional hangovers, racing thoughts and mental arguments, anger, resentment, negativity, and sometimes just a lot of pain we’ve never faced before.  The work I do with the flower remedies is uniquely positioned to resolve these states — a powerful tool to aid on the road to recovery, connecting you to serenity.

My work addresses longstanding states; negative emotions that come back over and over, beliefs about ourselves, patterns that just won’t shift, “character defects” that don’t seem to be removed.  Even with long-term recovery, there can be layers that that stand in the way of happiness.  These are the places I’m most excited about the role of the flower essences; facilitating freedom from the bondage of self!


Working with people in recovery is particularly special to me because the work done in recovery allows us to recognize and take responsibility for our hurt places.  Because being in recovery means knowing what your prayer is — what you are asking to be removed — the remedies work especially effectively.  My work goes beyond, to fill you up with what you really want to take the place of what is removed!   My personal experience over the past 29 years informs both how I formulate your remedy, and how I guide the process - supporting you to be happy joyous and free.

Suzanne’s remedies helped me to address two key areas in my recovery that presented big challenges for me: shame and very low self-esteem along with a lot of unresolved grief. I was skeptical, to say the least, when I first started taking her remedies; then I started to notice very subtle shifts in my perspective and in my ability to handle moment-to-moment challenges or shifts in mood. Over time, these subtle changes led to real paradigm shifts in my whole approach to life. For me, the flower essences get into an intercellular, interstitial level of my being and bring healing and recovery into very deep levels of my being. I just feel incredibly grateful for Suzanne’s wisdom, her ability to listen and to bring fresh perspectives to my challenges, and for her friendship and care.
— Jim W
“I’ve been in recovery for a long time, practicing several twelve-step programs on a daily basis. I have found that as wonderful and helpful as the steps are, they don’t re-cover everything. Stressors appear regardless of how well or how often I practice whatever step seems appropriate.
I was thrilled when Suzanne custom mixed Bach Flower Essences for me. I’ve used Rescue Remedy for years with great success on general trauma so having a custom formula made for a specific issue was an unexpected treat.
Suzanne asked many questions that helped me get to the heart of the problem, whether it’s financial uncertainty, a lack of self-esteem, or general malaise. She is direct and forthcoming when analyzing the issues, digging deeper until she finds and then creates that unique formula to address my needs.
I’m on my third formula. Each successive formula has allowed me to relax into the solution more easily than I had expected, and certainly easier than if I had tried to force it.
I’ve recommended Suzanne and the flower essences to several friends, and I’ll continue to share my own success with others.”
— KC