The Serenity Sisterhood

Is a group program for women in recovery to connect to your wise self with confidence and clarity.  We do this profound work with the full and total support my own 29 years of experience along with the transformative healing of the flower essences.

The Serenity Sisterhood is for you if you are all in for:

The CONFIDENCE and CLARITY to connect to your own wisdom and find the life path that is truly yours.
Finding the work, romantic relationships, and friendships that are right for you. 

Making life choices that you know are right for you because you are in touch with your “wise self

Feeling good about yourself and the decisions you make.  
Bring self-acceptance, loving attention, and compassion to every aspect of your life.

Finding the JOY, EASE, and FUN in your path as it unfolds

The Serenity Sisterhood is:

 StePPING into the fire of Transformation  To Truly live your life Happy Joyous and Free!

StePPING into the fire of Transformation

To Truly live your life Happy Joyous and Free!

The part of you that is God, 
reaching beyond yourself to be in contact with the Divine,

togetherness and separateness - as one.

As you awaken into this part of your life
you will find we can walk together,
together we can create
the life that we have been waiting for

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Joining a community of other women who are doing the same deep work you are, going to the next level, giving you the companionship, encouragement and support to really be seen as you.


Making lasting change in your life: let go of agendas, relationships, and emotional states that limit you, opening you up to new possibilities you never could have imagined!  


Deepening your sense of connection to your OWN Higher Power, the personal connection that is unique for you, connecting you to a sense of Peace that is there for you when sh*t goes down.