About Me

My focus is on the way energy and emotions work on deep invisible levels, and that accepting and coming face-to-face with our “negative” emotions facilitated by the medicines of the flowers can bring deep healing.

As a person on my own journey for the past 29 years, observing my own emotions and habits of mind and energy, I hold a space of serious respect for the commitment and hard work people do to heal. My teachers, and my own experience have shown me that loving acceptance can shine a light of awareness to foster our own healing and that of others. Embracing the power of emotions, and being willing to witness others’ feelings with acceptance and objectivity allows me to see past the surface and formulate remedies to touch the layers ready to be removed.


The Work


The heart of our work together is the consultation, done in person, by phone, or teleconference.   This time together allows you the support and space to explore the exact nature of what is standing in your way and connect to solutions and new ways of being.  After the consultation, I will formulate a personal remedy for you to take.  I also frequently suggest additional tools (e.g. meditations and other processes to assist the healing process).

As you take the remedy over days or weeks, you will notice a gentle sense of relief, peace, clarification or shift in perspective and awareness of your situation.  Taking a personalized remedies over the course of few months allows you to integrate new ways of being and experience real and lasting change.

I work with individuals, couples, families and children.  Working with more than one member of a family can be beneficial to shift dynamics and accelerate change. When a remedy is for a young child, the initial consult is with the parent.

“I am so thankful for Suzanne and her Bach Flower Practice. During a rough and traumatic season for my son, she was able to create a flower remedy that gave him peace. During rough times and nights of difficulty sleeping I would give him a few drops of his “Minecraft Magic” and within a few weeks things began to take a turn for the good. The hardest part of this tough time was no one could figure out what was causing him to be in such distress. Shortly after he completed his “Minecraft Magic” he was able to express to his therapist what was taking place and even was able to create a healing path for himself. I won’t lie, it was a rough 4-6 months however I strongly believe the flower remedy gave him the calm and ease of being able to work through it and articulate/share what was going on. With our son being on the autism spectrum sharing feelings does not come easily, since the use of the flower remedy and the releasing of his pent up hurt, he has become a more loving, kind child who shares his thoughts and emotions often.
Much love and gratitude to you. You are truly gifted with a talent that can help so many.”
— Michelle