About Me

My focus is on the way energy and emotions work on deep invisible levels. Accepting and coming face-to-face with our “negative” emotions and old conditioning assisted by the extensive set of tools I have collected over more than 30 years of personal practice and study supports you in the deepest possible healing.

As a person on my own journey, observing my emotions and habits of mind and energy, I hold a space of serious respect for the commitment and hard work people do to heal. My teachers, and my own experience have shown me that loving acceptance can shine a light of awareness to foster our own healing and that of others. Embracing the power of emotions, and being willing to witness others’ feelings with acceptance and objectivity allows me to see past the surface and to touch the layers ready to be removed.


The Work


The heart of our work together is the consultation, done by Zoom or Skype teleconference. This time together allows you the support and space to explore the exact nature of what is standing in your way and connect to solutions and new ways of being.  

My coaching style is a holistic method that incorporates the best modern research and ancient wisdom from Taoist and Tantric perspectives among others. I incorporate breathwork, embodiment practices, meditation and visualization exercises as well as talk coaching.

I frequently suggest and provide additional tools to be implemented outside of our sessions (e.g. guided meditations, jade egg practice, personalized flower essences and others) to assist the healing process.

All sessions are virtual and there is no explicit sexuality or nudity during the coaching session.