Connect to your sexuality & your sexual energy and use it to transform your life!


 Your sexuality is important.

Your relationship is important.

Your longing for love is important.

Sexuality and sexual energy are at the core of who we are. Important in themselves and important for how they touch every. single. aspect. of your life.

Explore the potential RIGHT INSIDE YOUR OWN BODY for healing, joy and bliss.

Potential for levels of wholeness, aliveness, energy, integration - and straight up embodied (orgasmic) bliss!

Dive deep with your orgasm, pleasure, desire, sexuality, relationships, dating, communication, sexual energy, trauma integration - BRING IT!

Experiencing Suzanne’s coaching has been a tremendous blessing. Her compassionate presence and unconditional acceptance creates a sense of safety that allows me to dive deep into the shadows and face my inner demons. Her loving support and ability to hold space for my healing has offered me an opportunity to get clear about my desires and to recognize how fear can often block me from achieving them. Each session provides tools for me to explore my inner landscape with an invitation to uncover my most amazing self. She has been the most marvelous guide, and has helped me shift my relationship to myself, my body, my dreams, and my capacity to experience pleasure. There are no words grand enough to describe my gratitude.
— P.H.

Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching with Suzanne

We dive deep into your capacity for pleasure, aliveness, confidence, worthiness - in your life, and your sex life! This is your chance to transform deep, long held patterns, to embrace bliss and aliveness, to transform your relationships and attract and build new ones from a foundation of self-love and a holistic and Tantric perspective.

Coaching sessions are conducted on Zoom or Skype, all sessions are virtual and there is no explicit sexuality or nudity during the coaching session. My coaching style incorporates breathwork, embodiment practices, meditation and visualization exercises as well as talk coaching from a holistic and Tantric perspective.