Who Supports the Vision of Your Highest Potential?

Glasses make you smart, right? ;)

I had no idea I was smart.

I remember clearly how surprised I was the first time anyone ever suggested that I think about a career arc that involved my earning potential (I thought he was crazy and perhaps too materialistic) - and no one *ever* suggested I consider my personal potential.  

I was in the arts.  My undergrad and graduate education is in painting, sculpture, and performance.  I took comfort in the subjective nature of art criticism, the small chance of large scale success, and deep suspicion of “selling out” that exists in the art world.  I hid behind it.  It was more than impostor syndrome (although it was surely that too), it was a profound lack of expectations for my own potential and success.

Art was also the only way I knew to follow my spiritual leanings - where I could devote myself fully to touching something greater than myself. 

But I needed to make a living in order to support my rapidly  burgeoning spiritual pursuits. 

So I found my way into arts administration and gradually began to notice and take in the feedback I was getting about my capabilities. I even got job offers in only tangentially related fields by people who worked with me and reflected my brilliance.

I absolutely hate doing a lousy job at *anything*,  but I was *far* from  working from at my full capacity, full pleasure, or full potential in those years. (And I offer my amends to those that worked with me then, for the limited self I was able to show up with.)

It wasn’t until I was dragged, kicking and screaming, into my work as a healer, teacher and coach - by the inexorable pull of that deep inner knowing - that I have begun to scratch the surface of stepping into my potential - my bigger vision and life’s mission.

It’s where I’ve come to the greatest understanding that we cannot go somewhere we cannot imagine for ourselves, and that we need others to help hold this for us and with us. 

We all need people in our lives who hold the vision of our potential AND reflect that to us!

Who does this for you in your life?